John and Phil Parker Snr

Born in Lowestoft on the east coast of England, John Durrant started playing at the age of ten. He later studied under the watchful eyes of Phil Parker Senior, one of the finest teachers of his day and an expert on the physical demands of brass playing.

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 John has long thought that Phil Parker  Senior and his son,the late Phil Jnr  have been the unsung heroes of British brass playing and together with Adrian Parker, Phil’s grandson, now proprietor of Phil Parker Ltd, London’s most famous brass instrument shop,  John will be bringing the Parker Method home to its roots.

It was Phil’s philosophy that the method he had worked so hard to formulate should not be put in a book and should only be passed on directly in person by those who were his pupils. This was good sense as many playing methods get distorted by misunderstood written instruction.

John Durrant studied with Phil Parker Snr from 1968 to 1971 and then with Phil Jnr and has since continued studying the physical side of brass playing, although through the years he has helped other wind players and singers to improve their technique.

 During this time he has incorporated the latest research and consulted the most famous players and researchers in this field.  He widely acknowledges the work of the late Arnold Jacobs and Dr Claude Gordon as important influences complementing the tenents of the Parker System.

From September John will be teaching at Phil Parkers and consultations can be booked at the shop or direct from John himself.

Two young Parker Method Pupils outside Phil Parker's W1

The method was formulated by Phil Snr by painstaking theoretical and practical study over many years and was first taught in London at the company shop, then called Phil Parker’s Brass Studios in Dansey Place, in the west end of London.  Many of the top brass players of the day consulted him in his teaching studio and the effects of this are still to be found in the top players sitting in orchestral and band chairs taught by his remaining students.

To book your lesson with John Tel 07543 301145  or email  or phone to setup a Skype consultation.